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What You Need to Know for EMS Today

I know that some of you will be in Baltimore this week for EMS Today, while still others cannot join us. Regardless of which category you may fall into, I have some advice to help you make the most of this week.

First, if you are travelling, hopefully all your arrangements are complete. But even so, you still have an opportunity to save money during this trip. There are many transportation, parking, eating, drinking and shopping opportunities in the Baltimore area that are offering discounts to conference attendees. All you need to do is “Show Your Badge” for discounts at these participating merchants. To help you keep track of all the sessions (and any last minute changes) or just find your way through the exhibit hall, you should download the EMS Today app for your smart phone or mobile device. It is free for your Android phone from Google Play or for your Apple device from iTunes.

Whether you are physically at the conference or not, networking is what any conference experience is all about. And you can do it while you are here, at home, or even between calls. The key is to “be social” during the conference whether you are physically there in person or you can join us only in the virtual sense. Many attendees, including myself, will be active on social networks allowing you to connect with your peers and gain some insight of what is happening through the eyes and ears of others. If you are on Twitter use the #EMSToday2016 hashtag and follow the official @EMSTODAY account or join me, @hp_ems, for the latest updates, comments, and feedback on what is going on at, or even beyond, the sessions. Check out the latest posts on Facebook at the official EMS Today Conference & Expo page or join the conversations on various topics throughout the year at the High Performance EMS page. You can also learn from my own perspectives and the opinions of attendees that I talk with by reading my posts as this years official blogger of EMS Today 2016 at HighPerformanceEMS.com.

20160222_085251Being social can also win you prizes. There will be giveaways for visiting exhibitors in the Expo Hall, but also opportunities to find me at sessions where you can tell me about your favorite experience this week for an opportunity to win a prize from Limmer Creative who can not only help you pass the test, but retain the knowledge you need to succeed at the job. Just look for me, Dale Loberger, or find me by my backpack pictured here, and tell me what you love about this conference. I’ll make it easier to know where I will be by posting the sessions I will attend to my Twitter account at @hp_ems. If you won’t be at the conference, you can still have an opportunity to win by simply retweeting my contest post starting on Wednesday. Reposts of the full tweet will be counted through noon on Saturday in the drawing. Watch my account for more details!




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