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What You Need to Know for EMS Today

I know that some of you will be in Baltimore this week for EMS Today, while still others cannot join us. Regardless of which category you may fall into, I have some advice to help you make the most of this week.

First, if you are travelling, hopefully all your arrangements are complete. But even so, you still have an opportunity to save money during this trip. There are many transportation, parking, eating, drinking and shopping opportunities in the Baltimore area that are offering discounts to conference attendees. All you need to do is “Show Your Badge” for discounts at these participating merchants. To help you keep track of all the sessions (and any last minute changes) or just find your way through the exhibit hall, you should download the EMS Today app for your smart phone or mobile device. It is free for your Android phone from Google Play or for your Apple device from iTunes.

Whether you are physically at the conference or not, networking is what any conference experience is all about. And you can do it while you are here, at home, or even between calls. The key is to “be social” during the conference whether you are physically there in person or you can join us only in the virtual sense. Many attendees, including myself, will be active on social networks allowing you to connect with your peers and gain some insight of what is happening through the eyes and ears of others. If you are on Twitter use the #EMSToday2016 hashtag and follow the official @EMSTODAY account or join me, @hp_ems, for the latest updates, comments, and feedback on what is going on at, or even beyond, the sessions. Check out the latest posts on Facebook at the official EMS Today Conference & Expo page or join the conversations on various topics throughout the year at the High Performance EMS page. You can also learn from my own perspectives and the opinions of attendees that I talk with by reading my posts as this years official blogger of EMS Today 2016 at HighPerformanceEMS.com.

20160222_085251Being social can also win you prizes. There will be giveaways for visiting exhibitors in the Expo Hall, but also opportunities to find me at sessions where you can tell me about your favorite experience this week for an opportunity to win a prize from Limmer Creative who can not only help you pass the test, but retain the knowledge you need to succeed at the job. Just look for me, Dale Loberger, or find me by my backpack pictured here, and tell me what you love about this conference. I’ll make it easier to know where I will be by posting the sessions I will attend to my Twitter account at @hp_ems. If you won’t be at the conference, you can still have an opportunity to win by simply retweeting my contest post starting on Wednesday. Reposts of the full tweet will be counted through noon on Saturday in the drawing. Watch my account for more details!




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Another EMS Today Winner

It may be Groundhog Day, but this is not a repeat post. We really do have another winner in the EMS Today Conference blogger promotion contest. Once again, it is my privilege to announce a winner who used the HPEMS promo code. PennWell Corporation, the sponsor of the Fire EMS Blogs network, has been kind enough to allow their bloggers to provide a promotional code offering discounts on Gold and Silver registrations for the EMS Today conference later this month. Using the code from any of the bloggers, gave the registrant an instant discount along with an opportunity to be entered in a monthly drawing. I announced the first winner here last month and now I have the privilege to congratulate Katherine Rodriguez as the final winner of an Apple iPad Mini that she can pick up at the PennWell booth during the conference. I have tried to contact her without any reply yet. So, if you know her, please extend the announcement to her.

hpems_headshotThere was another part to this contest, however, that I can now disclose and it was to choose the official EMS Today Conference Blogger. The email notification came yesterday, and I am excited to have been chosen to fill that position following in the footsteps of my friend Tom Bouthillet of EMS 12-Lead who performed that role last year. My plans are to attend the conference starting on Wednesday and I will post a blog each day highlighting the events that happened. Whether you attend the conference or not, I hope you will share this experience with me and check back each day in order to learn about what is happening there and how it may impact our industry. If you are in attendance, please watch for me. I typically sport the HP-EMS logo and I would love to meet you and hear about your impressions of the conference.

Travel safe (whether you will be in Baltimore or not), Dale

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EMSToday Earlybird Winner

Planning ahead pays off. At least it did for Christopher Clarkin of OMFD! He didn’t win the billion dollar lottery, but having a brand new iPad Mini for the EMS Today conference in Baltimore later next month is pretty sweet. Christopher registered during December for the conference using the promo code HPEMS which earned him $100 off his Gold or Silver registration along with the winning entry for an iPad Mini. emstodayipadmini

If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, its not too late. You can still register today using the HPEMS promo code to receive a discount and your own entry for this month’s drawing of another iPad Mini. Not everyone will win the next drawing (however, your odds are much better than this past lottery drawing) but you will benefit from unparalleled networking and learning opportunities at the premier EMS conference of the year. Highlights include Leadership tracks, clinical tracks, JEMS games, Dynamic & Active Threats training, Expo hall, and so much more.

You can also still vote on the winning caption for the Paul Combs “Drawn by Fire” official 2016 conference t-shirt design at this special link through January 22.

Christopher, you can pick up your prize at the PennWell Booth any time at EMS Today conference in Baltimore. I hope to see you there!

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Black Friday Sales for EMS

You never hear a paramedic yell “yeah, its a holiday weekend!” Holidays simply don’t have the same meaning to the people who work in EMS than they do to the rest of humanity. But, hey, we are human too. To paraphrase Shakespeare in Act 3 of The ‘Medic’ of Venice, “if you lacerate us, do we not hemorrhage?”

Besides bleeding, one of the other things we have in common with the rest of the public is that we love a good deal. However, many of us will be working at some point during this Thursday’s celebration of gratitude for the things we have (and the day after which celebrates bargains on the things we don’t yet have.) So, I have searched for a few of the specials that you can grab this week even if you are working “on the bus” this Friday.

Dixie EMS Supply is having a Tactical Black Friday Sale on lots of fun things like tourniquets, bandages, shears and more. Chief Supply is offering discounts all week on boots, gloves, and duty gear. But most importantly, JEMS is offering an unprecedented discount on training, knowledge, and networking with your peers. Until midnight on Sunday, November 29, you can save an additional $75 on top of the Early Bird Discount of $100 for either a GOLD or SILVER pass to the EMS Today conference. The event for this coming year will be held in Baltimore on February 25-27.  You don’t even need to leave your house (or ambulance post) to save money with this deal. Simply register for the conference and enter the promo code: BLACKFRIDAY.BlackFridayHeader1 (3)

If you miss the Sunday deadline, don’t worry, you can still save $100 through January and also be registered for a monthly drawing during November and December for an iPad Mini – but only if you register by using the promo code: HPEMS.

I hope to meet you in Baltimore! But if you know of any further deals offered this week that would be of interest to medics, feel free to add it in the comments below. Enjoy the holidays!


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On the Shoulders of Giants

As we go about our routine business each shift, it can be easy to forget that we are involved in a field of healthcare that is still relatively young. Our history as a unique discipline has only recently been documented through the efforts of  the National EMS Museum, which is itself just in its infancy. It is also interesting to me to that many current practitioners still remember using equipment that is featured as historic innovations in the museum’s new mobile app. Additionally, the television show that inspired many of us to enter the field of emergency paramedicine, called Emergency!, which lasted seven seasons starting in 1972, is still available in reruns on antenna television.medgiants

The unfortunate side of all of this recent history is that some of the pioneers who were instrumental in forming our field are passing away. Just last month, Dr. Walter Graf, a cardiologist who founded the Daniel Freeman paramedic training program in Los Angeles and personally outfitted a “mobile critical care unit” in a 1969 Chevy van, died at the age of 98.

However, there is also a positive aspect of our current period of growth and development. That fortunate side is that we still have instrumental players with us that can, and should, be recognized for their contributions. These are the folks who can probably quote Sir Isaac Newtown in saying that, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” These men and women are transforming our work to include the scheduling of preemptive visits known as Community Paramedicine, or Mobile Integrated Healthcare. They are introducing new protocols and tools to prevent further injury to our patients and recognizing the extent of medical conditions even earlier during our interventions. They are working toward alternate endpoints or definitive treatments in the prehospital setting. They will be recognized with awards such as the  EMS 10: Innovators in EMS or with the prestigious James O. Page Award at the EMS Today conference in Baltimore early next year. But who are they? Well, that is where you can have an impact. Nominations are open through the end of this month for all of these awards and you can play a role in ensuring that these innovators are properly recognized by sending their stories to the nominating committees. This is your chance to help make history and recognize those who are making our future a reality.

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