Gaining a higher level of  performance relies on an institutional attitude or culture as much as the implementation of good technology.  There are plenty of tools to automate existing processes but sometimes it is important to look at the intention of the process or even the final desired result when challenged, either by yourself or others, to do better.  No small concern today is budgets, but doing better does not necessarily mean spending more.  Often, advanced solutions allow you to save money while still providing better service.

So, if your interest is in providing highly effective pre-hospital care with a critical eye to economic efficiency, you have begun a journey not found a destination.  The following partners, listed by unique categories, have proven applications that have led other Emergency Medical Services agencies toward greater efficiency and performance.  Examine your needs first and then engage with appropriate partners from the group below in a cooperative,  joint effort to improve your service.

Hardware Technologies

Mobile Communications

In Motion Technology – Mobile communications should not be constrained by any one wireless network and must enable a variety of devices and applications.  It should be easy to deploy and use and most importantly, these solutions need to pay for themselves.  Organizations need to be able to switch between Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, WiMAX, and 700 MHz networks securely and reliably, based on throughput, cost, security and latency.  Check out the onBoard Mobile Gateway used in many mission critical workforces across North America.

Motorola Solutions – Public Safety communication networks from Motorola offer the flexibility you need in mission critical situations.  Locate your mobile teams in real time, communicate seamlessly across agencies and activate broadband in a given area.  Motorola’s diverse portfolio of two-way radio products for government and public safety allows customers to focus on their mission, not the technology.  Today, the world’s most advanced 4G mobile broadband technologies are available to public safety, delivering unprecedented access to real-time, multimedia information anywhere, anytime.  Fueled by open standards, shared intellectual property, a rich ecosystem of developers, and the promise of scaled economies, Public Safety LTE will enable state-of-the-art solutions for protecting our first responders and the communities they serve.

Strategic and Operational Applications

Billing Systems

TriTech Software Systems – Increase revenue with the industry’s leading billing solution offered as a software, a web-based solution or as an outsourced service.  Sweet-Billing helps EMS services increase cash flow whether you prefer an installed, online or outsourced solution.

Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)

EnRoute Emergency Systems – EnRoute Emergency Systems provides leading Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management Systems (RMS) for law enforcement and toll highway agencies, fire/EMS departments, and ambulance service providers.  Our systems improve call response times and disseminate critical information accurately and quickly to help agencies better protect their citizens and responders.

TriTech Software Systems – VisiCAD for EMS is a robust, flexible computer-aided dispatch solution for EMS agencies to efficiently manage emergency and non-emergency calls and dispatch operations. VisiCAD for EMS features integrated mapping and dynamic unit recommendations provide for rapid and intelligent routing to emergency situations to reduce response time, while it captures pertinent information for reporting and analysis for efficient resource management. With innovative features designed specifically for the EMS industry, VisiCAD is cornerstone of high performance EMS by ensures response time compliancy and economic efficiency.

Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR)

Tri-Tech Software Systems – Electronic patient care reporting solution facilitates an efficient and streamlined data collection process.  Fusion ePCR is available as a software application or web-based solution.  Fusion ePCR is a pre-hospital EMS incident documentation and data integration system that will provide patient caregivers with the electronic means to streamline the collection of pre-hospital EMS incident data both in the field and in the office.  The system produces a complete, accurate, and legible electronic patient care record, thereby reducing liability as well as improving the quality of patient care and reimbursement.

System Performance Analytics & Demand Forecast

Bradshaw Consulting Services – BCS is committed to Public Safety including Police and Fire as well as EMS agencies all over North America.  We offer a number of applications designed to make your job easier while giving you the capability to utilize the power of the Esri ArcGIS software to solve your problems. Specifically,  MARVLIS is a family of integrated products designed to reach the bottom line:  saving time and money by getting the right resources to the right location at the right time to best meet your client’s needs.  From forecasting demand to visualizing dynamic service areas, MARVLIS makes your System Status Management plan truly dynamic reflecting up-to-the-minute situation maps.

Real-time Early Warning System

FirstWatch – Unlike traditional analysis systems, FirstWatch operates in the background 24/7, scouring data being entered into your existing systems like dispatch, ProQA or patient records systems to conduct fully automated, real time analytics of the data as it is entered.  FirstWatch identifies any events or trends of interest as they occur, and then alerts decision makers in your agency as events are unfolding, rather than after the fact.  FirstWatch can be used to monitor key performance indicators like dispatch, chute and response times, or ePCR Compliance.  FirstWatch also tracks trends in medical complaint types.  If you have ever thought to yourself “It would have been nice to know about this when it was happening”, then FirstWatch is worth checking out.

Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS)

Priority Dispatch – ProQA Dispatch Software integrates the power of the National Academy Protocols with today’s critical computer technologies. It helps emergency dispatchers move smoothly through Case Entry and Key Questioning. It assists dispatchers in quickly determining the appropriate Determinant Code for each case and clearly displays the response configuration specifically assigned to the code by local agency authorities. ProQA then guides dispatchers in providing all relevant Post-Dispatch and Pre-Arrival Instructions, as well as important case completion information.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Esri – Maps are an essential tool for public safety services. GIS extends the capability of maps to provide interactive visualization of location-based data and intelligent analysis.  Putting spatial intelligence at the fingertips of the 911 dispatcher as well as field personnel improves emergency response.  GIS enables emergency 911 centers to map incident locations and ensure that public safety first responders get to the right incident at the right time.  It also provides comprehensive situational awareness in order to understand the activities, events, incident status and overall circumstances in a jurisdiction.

About the Solutions Page

A Note for Emergency Services Agencies

Over time, we expect more solution providers and consultants to show their value in advancing High Performance EMS.  As we discover those, we will include them in our list as well – so check back often in your quest for improvement.  If you have worked with a partner that has brought you success or have found a valuable tip on your own, we ask that you let us know through a Guest Blog to consider sharing with others.

To Technology and Solution Providers

This website is not for paid advertisements, but is provided as a free service solely to promote High Performance EMS.  In order to be listed here, you must demonstrate a value in promoting the goals of advanced care and economic efficiency.  To be considered for inclusion, we suggest you submit a Guest Blog posting that focuses on the proven value proposition to an existing customer.  We reserve the editorial right in making any publication decisions.


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