Guest Blog

We welcome you to submit a guest blog posting for High Performance EMS but ask that you follow a few simple rules regarding what constitutes an appropriate post.

■ Blog post must be informational content that is useful or interesting for the High Perfromance EMS community.
■ Blog post must not be self-promotion type material such as a commercial product/service press release.
■ Blog post should have at least 250 words in order to fill out the idea and encourage discussion.
■ No copyrighted materials are allowed without proper attribution or consent and any article which has already been published elsewhere by the author should not be submitted here.
■ At the end of blog post, the author can include “byline” which shows the author’s brief bio as well as one website link.
■ The website linked in the author byline may not be an affiliate link or redirect link.
■ Once accepted and published, the same content may not be republished by the author elsewhere on the web without a backlink.


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