Economic Efficiency

From an economic sense, the mission of EMS, and any healthcare organization for that matter, is to “convert the amount of available budget money into high quality healthcare in order to produce excellent clinical outcomes.” Money is too tight to mention right now and the days of well-padded budgets are a thing of the past. Municipal coffers are shrinking for the public sector, collection rates and reimbursements are down for private EMS, and charitable giving and the donation of free time is fast disappearing in the volunteer sector. In other words, no matter the type or style of your organization, it must be run as a business, with an eye on the bottom line and a realization that EVERYTHING costs something.

One response to “Economic Efficiency

  1. daleloberger

    No one is going to challenge the idea of “rationing healthcare” with the idea that “any expense is worthwhile if it saves just one life”? Good to see we are beyond that logic.

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