High Performance Emergency Medical Services (HP-EMS) systems provide effective pre-hospital care promoting positive clinical outcomes and community wellness while maintaining a focus on high economic efficiency.  This site is  a community service dedicated to increasing local agency performance by promoting useful information regarding the developing trends and improvements in the efficiency of delivering basic and advanced pre-hospital medical care in the field.


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  1. Jodi

    Greetings! I am helping develop content for an EMS Management course and am looking for resources to share with students about maximizing EMS efficiency, SSM, and UHU. Where can I find case studies and other tools to use in class?

    • We certainly hope that you find case studies and resources regarding EMS Management in many of the posts on this site. We started hp-ems.com with that exact mission in mind and if we fail that in your opinion please let us know so we can do better.

      Specifically, there was a post in May on “The Cost of Saving Money” that presented a detailed case study from Lexington County, SC. Another highlight was given to Mecklenburg County, NC EMS (Medic) in June and other profiles were to follow, but I apologize that they have not been posted yet. The posting in August on “Dynamic System Status Management” discusses how some of the Jack Stout ideas on SSM and UHU are addressed by commercial software like MARVLIS from BCS. We believe that these are state of the art references and always appreciate additional input from EMS professionals.

  2. I would like to contribute a list of useful and free medical training:
    EKG Academy
    Practical Clinical Skills (EKG drills)
    Respiratory Guide
    Medical Terminology

    And my own company’s website: Heart and Lung Sounds

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