Hello World. Welcome to HP_EMS!

The world of the EMS provider is changing.  Whether you call it EMS 2.0 or Next Generation 911, it is no longer enough to simply do a good job resulting in positive clinical outcomes for patients.  Increasing budget pressures require that these quality services be maintained while providing them within a context of higher economic efficiency.  High Performance EMS (HP_EMS) is not about just balancing patient needs with operational costs but simultaneously enhancing both clinical and economic performance.  While there are many tools to assist with this goal, there is no single “magic bullet” just as there is also no single performance metric.  This market dynamic is the reason behind the HP_EMS blog: to faciltate a discussion between agencies, industry insiders, and subject matter experts about how we can collectively do better on all measures.

We encourage you to participate by responding to posts with answers and suggestions or even your doubts and skepticism.  You may even submit your own guest blog posting for others to learn from or make comment.  This forum is all about what you do in EMS from the time someone calls 911 until the Pt arrives at the hospital!  It is hosted by Bradshaw Consulting Services (BCS) and our partners because we want to help you get the information you want to have in order to make the decisions you need to make that deliver the services your public expects.  All of us have data (and opinions), but together we can transform it all into meaningful and actionable information that is useful to the entire community.  Moderation of the discussion will be minimal and limited to igniting conversation and maintaining a respectful and useful conversation focused on the topic High Performance EMS.

So, join the discussion!  It’s about your work – to help you and others do a better job delivering high quality emergency management services to the public within a new era of accountability.  Please share your thoughts… 

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